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Did anyone see Amanda Vickery 'At Home With the Georgians' last night?

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sethstarkaddersmum · 03/12/2010 21:57

Brilliant stuff, and the presenter is clearly a feminist....

she looked at the way Georgians viewed marriage and the home; she started off by showing how much men wanted to be married, ie the marriage market wasn't just about women going round trying to catch men.

She also talked about the implications of spinsterhood for unmarried women, and looked at how much money well-off men and women spent on themselves; in the example she gave the husband was spending a fortune on harness and bits of kit for the carriage and horses, and yet men were never criticised for spending family money on frivolous things....

was a bit trepidatious as I thought she was going to be one of those distractingly Nigellaesque pouty type of female presenters but she was very down-to-earth. Looking forward to next week.

OP posts:
piprabbit · 03/12/2010 22:07

It was good wasn't it.

If you enjoyed the program, try reading the book on which it's based - brilliant, loads of extracts from diaries and letters letting people tell their own stories:

You might also enjoy this earlier book, which looks at the stories of Georgian women who have been overlooked by traditional history.

walkinginaWUKTERwonderland · 03/12/2010 22:09

Damn I meant to watch that. Sounds v interesting Seth.

AitchTwoOh · 04/12/2010 01:30

i really enjoyed it too, seth, thought it was very interesting on women and status being bound up in management of property. did find vickery a bit giggly though, but not unpleasant.

BookcaseFullofBooks · 04/12/2010 01:42

I thought it was good too. I can recommend 'The Gentleman's Daughter' too.

notquitenormal · 04/12/2010 14:26

I thought it was great too, looking forward to next week, but the way she kept waving that bloody ipad around started to get on my wick after a while [jealous] Grin

BookcaseFullofBooks · 04/12/2010 15:55

That annoyed me a bit too nqn!

Mumsnut · 04/12/2010 16:02

Have basketed The Gentleman's Daughter on Amazon. Thanks.

BookcaseFullofBooks · 04/12/2010 16:34

A different period (17th Century), but also about a woman's role is 'The Weaker Vessel' by Antonia Fraser. Very good.

Bue · 05/12/2010 11:52

I thought it was one of the best things I've seen on telly in ages. And Amanda Vickery is excellent, it's wonderful to see a doc presented by a witty, intelligent woman.

I loved the use of the ipad. I thought it was innovative for telly, and it drew my DH into the program as well!

Going to check out those books, thanks.

lovelyopaque · 05/12/2010 18:51

Was it her who presented that series on Radio 4 about 9 months ago, on domestic life in the past? It was brilliant and was why I was so keen to watch the programme.

piprabbit · 05/12/2010 20:40

Yes - that was AV.
She also presented 'Voices from the Old Bailey', which looked at 18th century court cas in the language of the people involved (and not the diarists and letter-writers we usually hear from).

Everything you never wanted to know about Amanda Vickery.

piprabbit · 05/12/2010 20:40

cas? cases... sorry

sethstarkaddersmum · 05/12/2010 20:51

I didn't notice the IPad - what did she do with it?

OP posts:
piprabbit · 05/12/2010 21:18

You know in history programmes, they usually have shots of the presenter reverently turning the pages of an old manuscript wearing cotton gloves etc?
AV had all her material for reading/quoting loaded on her iPad. Made a change at least.

dittany · 06/12/2010 11:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sethstarkaddersmum · 09/12/2010 20:30

on again tonight, 9pm BBC2.

OP posts:
sethstarkaddersmum · 09/12/2010 21:31

not so interesting from a feminist point of view tonight though!

OP posts:
AitchTwoOh · 09/12/2010 21:58

i LOVE this show, and i love AV. thought the spinster's house was great.

sethstarkaddersmum · 09/12/2010 22:24

is it my imagination or did she say early in the show in a very male space 'The testosterone is palpable' and then later on, at La Ronde, 'The oestrogen is palpable'? Grin

La Ronde was gorgeous! I would love to live there.

OP posts:
AitchTwoOh · 09/12/2010 22:29

missed the first half, will watch it on iplayer, but she deffo said that at la ronde. wasn't is heavenly?

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