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Ofcom - Broadcasting Code Breeches

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tabouleh · 08/09/2010 11:38

Inspired by this thread I decided to complain about this performance (by Alexandra Burke) to Ofcom.

I am just wondering how we got to the point where that outfit and type of performance is deemed to be ok for breakfast TV.

Anyway I found some very interesting and shocking things on the Ofcom website.

So it appear that there are Freeview "soft-porn" channels?

I guess they are the top-up TV which we don't have.

These channels are constantly and blatently breeching the broadcasting code and then being fined thousands.

They obviously don't care!

The code needs more teeth - I wonder if licences can be revoked?

The Broadcasting Code is here. I will try to post some extracts later.

The thing I am Shock and Sad at is for example this:

Prior to this sanction, Bang Channels submitted details of its internal procedures for compliance with the Code during the course of the investigations. These included guidance for producers, and presenters and made reference to the Code provisions and to previous Ofcom guidance on issues relating to adult sex chat broadcasters. In particular, the guidance for producers and presenters contained the following list of unacceptable on-screen behaviour:

?Under no circumstances should a presenter use a sex toy on screen, or use anything as a substitute for a sex toy (telephone, bananas, lollipops etc). Penetration with any object is an immediate breach of the Code. Camera men should take care not to film prolonged, sustained or invasive shots of the vaginal and anal areas. Full frontal nudity is never acceptable under any circumstances. This is an immediate breach of the Code. Creams, oils and bodily fluids should not be used. Depictions of masturbation, whether real or simulated,is not allowed.?

However - they then breech these regulations!

broadcating bulletin detailing complaints made and investigated and breaches contains stuff about these channels. Sad.

Bang Babes is a programme on the adult sex chat television service Tease Me TV 2. Tease Me TV 2 is broadcast under a licence held by Playboy TV UK/Benelux Limited (?Playboy? or ?the Licensee?). Playboy therefore has compliance responsibility for all programmes broadcast on that service, including Bang Babes. The service is available freely without mandatory restricted access on Sky channel number 902. This channel is situated in the 'adult' section of the Sky electronic programme guide ("EPG"). The channel broadcasts programmes after the 21:00 watershed based on interactive 'adult' sex chat services. Viewers are invited to contact onscreen female presenters via premium rate telephony services ("PRS"). The female presenters dress and behave in a sexually provocative way while encouraging viewers to contact the PRS numbers.

Ofcom received a complaint from a viewer who said that the broadcast ?included prolonged and repeated close up graphic and intrusive images of vaginal and anal detail?. The complainant also said the broadcast showed ?masturbation throughout?.

Ofcom noted that between 03:30 and 04:00, the broadcast included a female presenter wearing a yellow bikini top (which was pulled to the side to reveal her breasts) and a matching thong. During the broadcast she adopted various sexual positions for relatively prolonged periods of time, including bending over on all fours with her buttocks to camera and lying on her back with her legs spread wide open to camera. While in these positions the presenter?s anal and labial area was shown in close up and extensive detail. Throughout the broadcast the presenter repeatedly: rubbed her genital area with her fingers; rubbed her thong against her genitals; pulled her buttocks apart to reveal her anus; sucked her fingers to mimic performing oral sex on a man; and rubbed saliva over her breasts.

I thought this stuff was R18? I have done a little bit of looking into this on the British Board of Film Classifications.

I think the guideines were drawn up in a time when no on thought that on TV there would be female presenters simulating sex, masturbating etc.

I thought this was all special channels.

I am a bit confused about the top up TV/sky pin access etc.

But FFS on TV - I am so shocked and surprised (maybe naive Blush). (Maybe this is because DH deleted from the prog guide all the pay Freeview channels which we don't have so I don't see them in the list?)

And then the worst thing is they are ignoring the fact that this should not happen straight after 9pm and not at all after 5:30 am.

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