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The Sport Newspaper Should be Above Kids Eye Level

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tabouleh · 31/08/2010 13:33

Link to thread posted in MN campaigns.

Amy from // has posted on that thread:

"Thanks everyone for your interest and support in this. Just wanted to let you all know that we've launched a new aspx complaints service that you can use online, to report complaints to us whether you've had a satisfactory response or not. We can even contact the retailer for you if you find it difficult:"

"Also the more people we can get to sign up to the Front Page Campaign site, the more power the campaign will have. Do people think we should start a petition? We have a management meeting in October which is a kind of "where do we go from here" meeting, and it may be time to gather the public voice on the issue. It gives everyone and easy way to get involved too."

I've cross linked to here as I don't think the MN campaigns boards gets much traffic - don't think it is in active convos?

Personally I bloody well hate the fact that my DS 2.11 has to walk past the images on the front of the Sport so I will be signing their campaign. Angry

OP posts:
LeninGrad · 31/08/2010 13:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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