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Fatal Inaction

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ElephantsAndMiasmas · 20/08/2010 01:01

Great programme (Face the Facts) on R4 today about the police's failure to deal properly with domestic violence cases, and how murders are committed which could maybe have been prevented if the police took complaints seriously and joined the dots.

Link, along with an amazing resource of DV support links, here

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tabouleh · 20/08/2010 15:57

Thanks Elephants - just listening now.

There is a story here about one of the cases where Essex police have "admitted their failings" ahead of the IPCC report. Sad.

I've had a look at the DASH risk assessment website. (DASH stands for Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and Honour Based Violence).

In particular there is a victim checklist which can be taken to the police by a vicitm - it occurred to me that it is probably a useful link to sometimes recommend in the MN relationships section.

It is here.

Some of the other links from the program website:


Protection against stalking.

Four ways to speak out website - very powerful video here. Sad.

Petition "demand an end to the postcode lottery of domestic violence services."

ElephantsAndMiasmas · 20/08/2010 16:16

Cheers tabouleh. I will cross link to the thread I started in Relationships about it: link.

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TheFallenMadonna · 20/08/2010 16:18

I heard that, and I thought of dittany's post on another thread about how a significant battle is that against male violence. I'd like to see something like this on Panorama or something that might get a bigger audience.

ElephantsAndMiasmas · 23/08/2010 16:34

me too TFM :(

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TheFowlAndThePussycat · 23/08/2010 19:55

I heard this programme & was just about to start my own thread. Two women a week killed by their partners?! 30+% of murders have an element of domestic violence?! I'm astonished and outraged. How did I not know this before & why is it not the top story on the news every week? It's outrageous that that this is so little discussed.

Sorry, I know that I must sound daft & naive, but I genuinely don't think that most people know the extent of this crime. I was thinking that calling it 'domestic' violence somehow 'softens' it makes it sound like something that other people (police included) can't really get involved in. I wanted to weep for those poor women & their families. The whole of society has failed them. Sad.

ElephantsAndMiasmas · 23/08/2010 21:04

Not daft and naive, I knew some of those figures but they never cease to shock.

Sometimes it is a news story. It comes out like this: A woman's body has been found in a house on street. Police have arrested a man. They are not looking for anyone else in relationship with the incident.

If the police had taken the worries of Raoul Moat seriously he would never have got to shoot all those people, but that aspect of the story never gets on the news somehow.

the story in the programme - the last one - was horrific. A convicted killer also convicted of assault against his current partner, and it took the police what 4 days? to answer her call?

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Sammyuni · 23/08/2010 21:08

Is it possible to email Panorama on topics they should do, they are good at getting all the details to the public as it has good viewership.

ElephantsAndMiasmas · 23/08/2010 21:15

Really? got a contact?

OP posts:
Sammyuni · 23/08/2010 21:20

I don't know thats why i am asking it's part of the BBC so the public should have some influence?

ElephantsAndMiasmas · 23/08/2010 21:28

Sorry, "is it" /"it is" - after a 12 hour day my brain is feeling elderly.

OP posts:
Sammyuni · 23/08/2010 21:46

Thanks Smile

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