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Who do you ladies fancy?

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GabbyLoggon · 14/08/2010 15:04

Say they were all 30 years of age.

who gets your vote. I am putting it delicately

Cary Grant

Hugh Grant

or Dirk Bogarde?

PS I have forgot the name of the other aCTING Grant..

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rewardgirl · 14/08/2010 15:13

Mark Harmon. Delish. And has been happily married to the same lady for decades, so he's a good guy. Yum. Getting on a bit now but still looks gorgeous. Was a total dish in his younger years.

GabbyLoggon · 15/08/2010 20:44

I am sure he was,rewardgirl, a treasure above all treasures I know a lady who fancies Jame Blunt....but I just like his songs

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