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Feminism: Sex and gender discussions

Female Czech MPs pose for 'glamourous' calendar

9 replies

ChocolateMoose · 21/07/2010 16:20 tml

OP posts:
PortBlacksand · 21/07/2010 16:23

Good grief....where to begin?

At least she's not got her tits out...

BitOfFun · 21/07/2010 16:26

Oh dear.

Let's hope there's a follow-up ne with all the blokes in mankinis. Doubt it though.

Sammyuni · 21/07/2010 16:30

Not really sure what sexiness has to do with politics. Oh well it's their choice, however silly it is.

vesela · 22/07/2010 08:54

BitofFun - they already did (not quite mankinis, though)
here - it was used last summer for billboards on motorways on the way to Croatia (where a lot of Czechs go on holiday).

Veci verejne responded with one of their women in bikinis. And then before the election they did this stupid calendar. It's sad, because the women in question are far from stupid, but they let themselves be used as window-dressing by Veci verejne. It's a bit of an insane party - it's basically owned by a guy who runs a security agency, whom one of the women has also just married, and before the election they organised patrol groups to drive drug addicts out of parks, that sort of thing. Not extremist, but populist.

Klasnova is a doctor of theology and posed on the front of a magazine with her legs apart, dangling a crucifix in front of them. You get the gist.

Not all Czech culture is this degrading by a long way, however. It actually seems more and more like a relic.

vesela · 22/07/2010 09:02

e.g. when I think of the women who teach at my DD's preschool, or the mothers there - they would think this calendar was ridiculous.

vesuvia · 22/07/2010 10:54

Both the female and male examples linked to in this thread show what a sexualised culture we have become.

If politcians, i.e the people who make our laws, are "getting their kit off", what hope is there for the rest of us?

vesuvia · 22/07/2010 11:06

A quote from that article in the original post :

"the glossy women's magazine "Ona" (She in English) encouraged readers to vote for "Miss Parliament", asking them to choose their favourite female MP."

Oh wow!

vesuvia · 22/07/2010 11:11

Silly question I know, but do you think "favourite female MP" means the woman who is the most effective politician? Umm... thought not

vesuvia · 22/07/2010 13:33

vesela wrote "Klasnova is a doctor of theology and posed on the front of a magazine with her legs apart, dangling a crucifix in front of them."

She takes her theology very "seriously" by the sound of it.

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