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Cervical erosion?

Nizzer18 · 29/07/2022 08:28


im just wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms - mainly being blood stained discharge/ pink discharge / influx of clear discharge?

a few
months ago mid cycle I got two days of bloody discharge - the blood was red to bright pink and only within the discharge which was clear to creamy. I called gp who checked cervix and did swabs all clear, blood tests all clear too

a month later after sex I had a tiny bit of blood in discharge the next day so I recalled gp who rechecked cervix and now said there’s cervical ectroprion and as I’M concerned she’ll refer me to gynae

that was about a month ago and still no referral, I chased it up this week as I thought it would be the 2week urgent referral as she recorded it as ‘abnormalities’ but the gp said no it’s not urgent

im worried as I had a period ten days ago and everyday since I’ve had so much clear discharge and creamy discharge which is often pinky or has anything from a streak of blood to a few tiny specks in. I’m not ovulating not have I had sex so not sure this is the ectropion? Even without the blood in which is only when I wipe after a wee, the discharge is constant I feel ‘ wet’ all the time

not on the pill, 31, had daughter last august and clear smear november

please help I’m so worried!!

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