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BV or STI? Help I’m panicking

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Countrymumma91 · 24/04/2022 11:03

This is so embarrassing but I slept with a new partner on Thursday unprotected. Ever since I have noticed I have a lot of thin discharge that’s yellow and can feel it coming out (so sorry for the TMI). I can’t imagine an STI showing symptoms the next day (again tmi I originally thought it may be his fluid 🙈 but it’s not stopped) what could it be? I will obviously get myself checked but feel as if symptoms of an STI wouldn’t show in a day? 

OP posts:
Flopsy145 · 24/04/2022 19:03

I've never had bv but have been told it has a distinctive smell?
Sometimes my thrush has been yellowy discharge as well as the standard cottage cheese style stuff so could well be that? Imbalance from a new partner. I'm with you I think an sti takes about 2 weeks to show.
I would get one of those thrush bv test strips from boots and an sti test just to be sure 🙂 is it itchy?

PurpleDinosaurpark · 24/04/2022 19:05

Bv is pretty distinctive by its smell. Get yourself some boric acid suppositories.

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