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Indents on Breast. What to expect at the Breast Clinic?

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DurhamDurham · 22/04/2022 17:17

I had an appointment with the GP today, I've got two indents on my left breast and an area to the side of my nipple has a yellow tinge (no previous bruising there) Neither myself or the GP could feel any lumps but she has revered me to the Breast Clinic.

I didn't ask much while I was at the appointment as I think I was expecting her to tell me it was nothing. What can I expect at the Breast Clinic? Will they just do a mammogram? I had one of those last summer which was all clear. I'm 51, 52 in October so I've only had the one mammogram.

Any advice much appreciated.

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DurhamDurham · 22/04/2022 18:09

Hopeful bump Smile

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MyBottomDecides · 22/04/2022 18:20

Hi OP, I had a similar referral 3 years ago, when I was about your age. Indent at 5 o'clock on outer edge of left nipple, history of BC in family. I was referred urgently and the breast clinic did an ultrasound scan iirc. Confirmed it was nothing, just changes in the texture and scaffolding of my boob, thanks very much menopause.

I know it's difficult but try not to worry too much, I've since spoken to several people who've had the same. Good luck!

DurhamDurham · 22/04/2022 18:23

Ah thank you, that's reassuring to read. Fingers crossed it's nothing.

OP posts:
MyBottomDecides · 22/04/2022 18:25

Always good to be sure and get checked, but hopefully you'll have the all-clear in 2 weeks

Riverlee · 22/04/2022 18:30

From my experiences of breast clinics, it’s a one stop shop. You’ll probably see a consultant, then have a mammogram and/or ultrasound. You may then see the consultant again to review the results.

Be warned, there could be a lot of waiting around. Also, wear clothes which are easy to dis-robe in.(in winter, I used to go bra-less, as it’s one less item if clothing to worry about, and with a baggy jumper and coat, no-one knew).

Nejnej2 · 22/04/2022 18:33

As @Riverlee says, it's a one stop shop. I went in January as I found a lump over Christmas.
Booked in, they got me changed into a gown, seen and examined by the consultant, who said all looks benign, walked down the corridor for an USS by a radiologist, who confirmed I have multiple cysts. In and out within 30 minutes on a Saturday!
They told me to get referred back even if the same lump came back up - I think they're keen to see everyone with any changes in clinic to be on the safe side.

Whatsthestoryboringglory · 22/04/2022 18:37

Another one who’s found it a case of everything rolled in to one. I was referred at 30 for a breast lump and had an examination, ultrasound and needle biopsy done all on the same afternoon. A bit of waiting between each, I second the advice to wear something baggy. Also a big massive jumper felt quite comforting to hide in when I was feeling a bit worried.

Mine was a cyst, fingers crossed yours is nothing but weird boob stuff OP 💐

DurhamDurham · 22/04/2022 18:50

Thanks so much everyone, that's all useful stuff to know as well as being reassuring. I'll definitely be taking a big coat jumper to wear.

OP posts:
WeAllHaveWings · 22/04/2022 19:03

I was in a few weeks back after something showed on the routine mamogram.

Went to cubicle and stripped from waist up and given a cape to wear between exams.

Mamogram again, but bigger machine and done at different angles.
Another room and another woman for Physical exam.
Another room and another woman for Ultrasound.

All done by breast care nurses/radiograher etc
They took the results to the consultant who I never met and were back in 5 mins. Consultant asked for biopsy.

It was a bit scary as I wasnt expecting it to be done there and then, boob back in mamogram machine, and while there was given a local anesthetic, small cut and several biopsies taken.
I was given an appointment for a week later for results. Had a call the morning of the appointment to say I didnt need to come in as all clear.

The breast care staff are brilliant, explain everything to you, let you take it at your pace, and I was in and out in about an hour or so with no hanging about.

It is scary but try not to worry, it is more likely to be nothing than something, but best checked out.

DurhamDurham · 22/04/2022 19:36

Thank you, a phone call to say you've got the all clear must have been a huge relief, it's good to know it's all done during one visit/session.

OP posts:
DurhamDurham · 28/04/2022 19:40

I've got an appt this Saturday at the Breast Clinic, it'll be good to get it done and out of the way.

OP posts:
Whatsthestoryboringglory · 28/04/2022 19:41

Fingers crossed for you OP, it’ll be a weight off your mind once it’s done.

DurhamDurham · 28/04/2022 19:56

Thank you so much @Whatsthestoryboringglory Smile

OP posts:
stoneysongs · 28/04/2022 20:49

Very similar to a PP, I was recalled the other day after a routine mammogram. They didn't redo the mammogram as what they found was so clear, but I had a physical exam with a consultant, ultrasound and biopsies. Then an appointment the following week for the results, but like the PP had a phone call the day before to say everything was fine and I didn't need to come in. I must say I love our breast clinic, it's not in a hospital, just by itself on a normal street, all women there and they are so nice and kind and gentle, it's like a little oasis of goodness.
NB the biopsy site was painful for 24hrs or so once the anaesthetic wore off and I had to keep the dressing dry and not do anything strenuous with that arm for 24hrs too.

DurhamDurham · 28/04/2022 21:09

@stoneysongs that sounds great, a dedicated clinic away from a hospital environment would be my choice. I've been sent an appt for the local private hospital and ho the NHS must have a contract with, I'm hopeful that because it's a weekend it might less busy and stressful but we'll see.
Thanks for the advice about the biopsy, not sure which tests/procedures I'm having yet but that's useful to know.

OP posts:
WeAllHaveWings · 29/04/2022 21:40

Hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow @DurhamDurham

bloodywhitecat · 29/04/2022 21:45

My indent was a collapsed cyst. Good luck tomorrow.

DurhamDurham · 30/04/2022 19:34

Thanks all for your information and support. It really makes a difference when you're sat at home worrying.

Had my appt today. Had both the mammogram and ultrasound within twenty five mins then shortly after I saw the consultant who said I had some calcification in the breast but nothing to worry about. I didn't need a biopsy and was free to go home within the hour.

I can't tell you how relieved I was. Walked home in the sunshine.

Wishing everyone all the best Flowers

OP posts:
Whatsthestoryboringglory · 30/04/2022 19:45

The best news!

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