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Pelvic ultrasound - waiting for results!!

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Twinboymumma18 · 21/04/2022 11:18

Hi all,

11 days ago I woke up at 2am with excruciating abdominal pain. It bought me to tears and I do not cry easily! After several hours it started to ease and I was able to move about. Since this, I have still had a constant dull pain mainly on my lower right side and my lower right back with occasional waves of very intense pain. Along with the pain comes intermittent vaginal bleeding (not my period - that ended the day before the episode of pain and I am now cycle day 17. The bleeding comes and goes but can be heavy and with clots the size of a grain of rice. I am also incredibly bloated which has not eased.

I was originally treated for a UTI - which turns out is not the issue so I was sent for a pelvic ultrasound to check position of my IUD (copper) and my ovaries. This was yesterday and I’m waiting for my GP to give me the results.

has anyone had a similar experience to mine and what did it turn out to be - if anything?

For reference, I am 28 mum of twins born vaginally 4 years ago and have had the copper IUD for 3 years. I normally have regular periods every 30-32 days.
PMS has been gradually getting worse over the last 6 months or so.

Thanks in advance all x

OP posts:
Whathefisgoingon · 21/04/2022 21:05

Did the person that did the ultrasound not say anything?

Whathefisgoingon · 21/04/2022 21:06

Also, I got a text from my GP the same day I had my ultrasound at the hospital. Give them a call tomorrow as they’ve likely got the result.

Twinboymumma18 · 22/04/2022 09:57

Hi, nope every time I asked a question she just responded with ‘your GP will discuss this with you’. I actually have an appointment today so I’m hoping I’ll get some answers!

OP posts:
Whathefisgoingon · 22/04/2022 21:35

@Twinboymumma18 how did it go?

JollyWilloughby · 22/04/2022 21:36


how did it go? Experienced something similar and have upcoming scan.

SpottyPantsNextDoor · 22/04/2022 21:46

How did it go OP? Hope you’re ok.

I’m currently awaiting an ultrasound for pressure around my right ovary. I also had slight stabbing pains and spotting the other day. I have terrible trapped air which I causing bloating. My scan isn’t for a few weeks though. I’m trying to stay calm and hoping it’s some kind of cyst.

Twinboymumma18 · 23/04/2022 06:43

Hi all,

They’ve said that my body is rejecting my copper IUD and trying to expel it hence the prolonged bleeding and waves of pain! I have to have it removed next Wednesday and they’ve said all my symptoms will like stop instantly once it’s out. Ovaries were absolutely fine and everything else looked good too so very reassuring it’s nothing serious and (fingers crossed) easily sorted.

hope all goes well for you too x

OP posts:
JollyWilloughby · 23/04/2022 08:09


Thanks. I don’t have a copper coil, but I tried it twice and each time ended up with prolonged pain and bleeding.

stopped immediately after removal.

SpottyPantsNextDoor · 23/04/2022 09:55

That’s really good news OP. I did wonder if my issues are also coil related. I had a copper coil up until last summer when I switched to mirena due to heavy bleeding. Although the pressure is very much on one side for me.

JollyWilloughby · 23/04/2022 09:57


when my coils were causing me pain it was all one sided. Bizarre. Pain stopped immediately after removal.

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