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GeneLovesJezebel · 18/04/2022 17:29

Debated on whether to put this in Menopause as age might be a factor.
Got a pile after first child. Didn’t cause a problem until during further pregnancies.
Last summer it was itchy every day, put cream on, stopped when it went cooler. Since then I’ve had the itch on and off, until now and I’m putting cream on every day. Bought Anusol suppositories today to see if they will get rid.
So my question is, is this it , getting worse as I age. Or is there something else I can do ? I’m know they are reluctant to do surgery now, and I don’t think it’s that bad. Grrrr.

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LibbyL92 · 18/04/2022 21:51

Could you have them banded? I did this 4 years ago. Worked great!

Although mine has come back due to poor diet and stress.

GeneLovesJezebel · 18/04/2022 21:56

I’m not sure that’s there’s enough to put a band on. It’s more of an itchy anus feeling.
Yesterday I hadn’t put cream on because I didn’t feel like I needed it. Went for a walk in the afternoon and my bum started itching. And it’s such an uncomfortable feeling.
How big were yours, how much did it affect you, and was it done on the NHS ?

OP posts:
Apple40 · 18/04/2022 22:11

Hi, hope the Anusol suppository works, they are the only thing helps clear up any piles for me, but I find the cream useless with the itch. I use suncream instead.

Haveyoubrushedyourteeth · 18/04/2022 22:18

Could be completely off the mark here, but might you perhaps have a touch of thrush? I only ask because you mention it being worse when it's warm. My sister had what you're describing and used anusol etc for ages, it was only when she took an oral treatment for thrush that the problem was unexpectedly solved.

LibbyL92 · 18/04/2022 22:19

My biggest issue was the itching. I had no idea how many I had ect or how big they were. I tried for months with the cream ect.

Went back to the doctors and was referred on. Specialist said I had 3 (didn’t state how big) and that banding would be the best option.

I was put to sleep and had all 3 banded and also had a shot of Botox in a tear.
Mine were all internal.

This time around I had one prolapse and turn into a thrombosed pile. It’s since gone back in and I’m doing better.

Palease · 18/04/2022 22:21

Anusol never worked for me. Scheriproct suppositories did. Ask your GP for them.

LibbyL92 · 18/04/2022 22:26

And sorry, yes done on the NHS waited about 2 months. Had two weeks off of work (I was very uncomfortable and then got an infection)

But honestly it was fine and It was the best thing I did!

(My fault they’ve come back)

VanGoghsDog · 18/04/2022 22:26

It's worth speaking to the doctor - I get a prescription for mine which works, nothing over the counter ever did.

Agree with the thrush suggestion though, try that first.

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