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Mirena 1 year mark and still bleeding .

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Jordan0204 · 03/04/2022 08:23

So I've reached the one year mark of having my mirena put in. I do now and then stop spotting for a couple of weeks and think horayyyyy it's working. Then I start to bleed again.
It's normalyl brown blood and quite thick ( thicker than discharge so I have no idea what it is), atm I have been getting some red .. but I am going through some huge stress with my family.
Has anyone experienced this? My periods were so heavy before , I literally couldn't leave my house but this constant bleeding is also starting to upset me as I feel I cant even have sex with my partner.
I have checked my strings and there still in the same position, I I have swabs for infection last July as I was having pelvic pain too which starting as soon as the coil went in. Its not as regular now , but its still there now and then.
I honestly just don't think my body likes the mirena, but don't have many other choices left for my heavy periods

OP posts:
AttilaTheMeerkat · 03/04/2022 11:14

May I ask how old you are now?. I ask as some women do get problematic bleeding in their late 40s to early 50s.

I would try and get the root cause of your heavy periods properly established. Both fibroids and endometriosis can cause heavy bleeding to arise. Given also that you've had pelvic pain and brown (old) blood (does it look clotty and or stringy in appearance?) any symptoms that are cyclical should be checked out to see if endometriosis is present.

Have you ever been referred to a gynaecologist, you need to see someone like this now because this is impacting on your day to day life. The mirena certainly has its place and its cheap but its not a one size fits all solution for women. There are other things that can be done for women with heavy bleeding and spotting; please do not put up with this.

Jordan0204 · 03/04/2022 11:29

I'm 32 . I actually live to Spain, and they are quite good when it comes to referring here . I've actually seen the gynecologist so many times. Had numerous of scans , my smear last year was clear.
The gynecologist hadn't actually asked for blood test but my gp did whilst I was on cerazette due to bleeding on that.
There seems to be absolutely no reason to why my periods started getting heavy .
I did question early menopause and was told during of the scans that I was actually ovulating and other gynecologist have said on too young , and I assume that my blood test were fine as my gp said nothing flagged up.
Although I prefer this constant spotting to flooding periods, it is starting to effect my relationship.
I've been scanned twice since having the coil , and they have said the coil isn't to blame for the pain . But it started the day the coil was placed . My gp suspects that my body just doesn't like the coil as my first was expelled. She also says progesterone can cause more gas and wind which can cause pain .
Sorry I'm rambling now . But the gynecologist here in Spain have not found any reason for heavy periods. Thanks for your reply.
Oh and the blood is quite thick , not like heavy period blood clots , almost stringy and plasticy which started the week the coil was placed .

OP posts:
AttilaTheMeerkat · 04/04/2022 07:05

The GP said that about progesterone ?!. Lot of nonsense!. Constant spotting can also be caused by continual rises and falls of both estrogen and progesterone. It may well be you have too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. Peri menopause is very real.

Endometriosis is not readily detected by scans and this can cause heavy bleeding. it can also lead to blood loss being brown and stringy. The Mirena was mentioned by my GP as well but I shut that suggestion down because of my previous endometriosis diagnosis.

Keep seeking answers and do not put up with this level of bleeding. I would consider getting the coil removed and asking them about ablation surgery if you do not want any more children. I would also seek out further gynae help in your nearest city rather than in town.

emmathedilemma · 04/04/2022 11:23

I had horrendous cramps when i had the mirena, period pains like i've never had in my life (I had days off work it was so bad), and i've not had since the damn thing finally bled itself out after a year. Mine was like yours and never settled down. It made the bleeding worse rather than better and I had a lot of spotting in between my "main" period. It lasted about a year before it bled itself out in a particularly bad episode (or at least that's what we assume happened to it as it's not been located since!!).
The combined pill gave me migraines and the mini-pill made me bleed for 11 weeks. I've come to the conclusion that some people just don't get on with hormonal treatments. I'd love to understand more about why they don't work for some of us.

Jordan0204 · 04/04/2022 11:42

I'm in the exactly same boat as you. Combined pill gave me migraines , mini pill I bled heavily for months . They offered me the implant and I declined , that's was after my 1st mirena expelled itself in the first month . So decided to give the mirena another chance. I can't figure out if I prefer 7 days of horrendous flooding or constant spotting lol

OP posts:
emmathedilemma · 04/04/2022 11:52

I totally feel for you, I was at my wits end! I had my fibroids treated with uterine artery ablation after the mirena expelled itself and I was still getting heavy bleeding, which was what led me to try the mini pill. But touch wood......since I stopped taking that last summer my periods have been a lot more manageable. Still quite erratic in terms of frequency but that also seems to be settling down (currently celebrating having reached day 28 of my cycle rather than day 22!!). I'm sure some of my underlying issues were peri-menopausal though as I'm older than you.

M6z · 14/01/2024 05:29

I've had a similar issue. Had 1st mirena, no bleeding for 5 years. 2nd mirena, no bleeding for 4 years & regular period for the final year. 3rd, 4th, 5th & now 6th mirena, all brown spotting constantly. For 5 years I have had this issue without resolution. I've seen 4 obg's, had polyps by 1 removed but no luck. Without mirena I have had normal cycles & tried minipill & kyleena & slynd for bc. I stopped all bc late May 2023 due to being misled into believing I was menopausal (as determined by blood tests). I then had no bleeding for 5 months, then a total flood lasting 40 days, a bit like Noah. I was exhausted & anaemic by the time I got to hysteroscopy to diagnose possible hyperplasia (which turned out benign). I think my body has totally forgotten how to make progesterone & so I have way too much estrogen. I'm trying to fix this with diet, exercise & natural supplements.
To get to my point, I would suggest you invest in a Ziggy Cup by Intima. This is a period cup that allows you to have sex. Change it morning & night. No more brown sludge & you can have sex if you want. Problem solved. Don't put up with the situation any longer. Good luck!

Mrsworried1 · 17/01/2024 15:38

I’m still bleeding/spotting irregularly one year on from having a coil which Was fitted to solve that very problem in the first place 😫

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