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PCOS ultrasounds - is there an option?

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starrynightss · 02/04/2022 23:49

I've been diagnosed with PCOS, and it's been devastating. My doctor referred me for an ultrasound, so I've been doing my research on it.

I've seen that for PCOS the ultrasound is usually transvaginal, which I know a lot of people have had terrible experiences with.

Is there a choice to get an abdominal one instead? I've had it before (for a different reason) and would have no problem doing it again, but I'm not so keen on the vaginal one 😬 My doctor never specified which one it would be, and I'm yet to get a hospital letter so I have no details.

I know it's just one of those things that has to be done, but if I had the chance I'd rather have an alternative option.

Anybody know?

OP posts:
AttilaTheMeerkat · 03/04/2022 10:21

I was diagnosed with PCOS as well. Its usually an internal ultrasound scan that is performed as they get a better view of the uterine cavity and ovaries to see how cystic they are.

Have you ever discussed your personal and very real fears of such scans with anyone at all or with someone like your GP?. My personal experiences with these scans was sometimes uncomfortable upon insertion because the wand used had cold lubrication on it. I had repeated scans as part of my fertility treatment and would not describe them as terrible though. What websites have you been reading?.

LouisaLovesMice · 04/04/2022 20:51

I had an abdominal one for pcos and it worked for me. They did say they were going to switch to vaginal but we tried letting a bit of pee our first and that did the trick so I didn't need vaginal. I am slim though, and I think abdominal ultrasound can be trickier if you are carrying a bit of fat around the middle.
I have had vaginal ultrasound in pregnancy and it wasn't sore or uncomfortable at all. Just say you're nervous and ask them to be extra gentle.

Mushrooms0up · 04/04/2022 20:53

I was diagnosed about 15 years ago but via an abdominal scan so it things might have changed but it can definitely be done!

They even showed me the screen and I could see the cysts easily with my very untrained eye.

Poppiesway1 · 04/04/2022 21:05

I’m a Sonographer. No one will make you have a transvaginal scan. It is 100% your choice.
However.. it is classed as good standard to do an internal scan. Sometimes people with a lower BmI are tricky to get good views on as are people with larger BMI’s when having an “over the tummy” scan. Things that get in the way are bowel gas blocking views, active bowel
Loops giving the ovaries and when women turn up with a barely full bladder.

I’m assuming it’s 8 years since you first started your periods, your not on any contraception and the Dr’s have done blood tests for PCOS as these should be done before they refer for for a scan to assess ovaries. Ovaries can be poly cystic in appearance but you may not always have PCOS when you have PCO.

Sleepeatrepeat · 04/04/2022 21:07

I had both an abdominal and transvaginal scan to diagnose my PCOS over 20 years ago.

I can honestly say that the transvaginal scan was far less painful than a standard smear.

seven201 · 04/04/2022 21:37

I've had lots and lots of transvaginal scans for years of infertility, including pcos. I've never had a problem. They have a very quick peek to check they're aiming in the right place then gently but firmly push it in - it has a lubricated condom on Confused. You're given a big paper towel to cover yourself up with and I've always been offered a chaperone when a man is doing it and most times when it's been a woman. I think they just get a better view than abdominal. Much nicer than a smear.

Only saying all that in case it offers any reassurance. If you don't want one though don't feel pressured into doing it.

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