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Hysterectomy in your 80s....

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StarbucksQueen · 31/03/2022 19:40

Last month my mum was found to have an ovarian cyst.. 17cm x 13cm. She's on the urgent list for surgery, and they won't test for cancer until its removed in case it bursts if they do a biopsy. The surgeon plans to do a full hysterectomy, and I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience of recovery in someone of mums age. Before this I would say she's been fit and healthy and very active.

OP posts:
Topseyt · 01/04/2022 18:15

Not quite, but my grandmother had one in her seventies due to ovarian cancer and made a complete recovery.

That was many, many years ago now. Recovery did take a while, but recover she did.

I hope your mother gets her surgery soon and all goes smoothly.

Futuroute · 01/04/2022 18:24

Have they said what type of procedure your mum is to have - i.e. vaginal, abdominal or keyhole? I've no experience of the operation in the elderly but I researched extensively before my hysterectomy in middle-age - keyhole and vaginal are usually easier to recover from, if it's possible for the operation to be performed that way. I would definitely be discussing this with her consultant if you haven't already.

Hope all goes well.

shivbo2014 · 01/04/2022 18:38

Sorry may not be that helpful but I had a ful abdominal hysterectomy a couple of months ago and while I was there the lady next to me was in her mid 70s and also had the same, hers was due to cancer. She was up walking round the next day and was recovering really well. She was discharged after a couple of days. Obviously, I don't know how she got on at home afterwards though.

StarbucksQueen · 01/04/2022 20:25

Thanks for the replies.. they mentioned doing the surgery through her cesarean scar - although due to my difficult birth her scar is horizontal and 50+ yrs old, so not sure how viable that will be!... and also what the cyst might be attached to on the inside.
its good to know that people having this surgery later in life have recovered well.. got our fingers crossed we have a surgery date soon

OP posts:
Futuroute · 01/04/2022 20:33

My abdominal scar looks the same as a typical cesarean scar - horizontal, just above my pelvis - I think horizontal is usual for a hysterectomy.

One advantage of having it done in later life is that it won't bring on menopause - if you have it done before menopause and your ovaries are coming out, you have a raft of sudden onset menopause symptoms to deal with during recovery. I was lying on the bed the morning after waiting for my catheter to be removed when I had the unpleasant experience of my first hot flush. Your mum will be spared all that.

Hoping she gets a date ASAP.

StarbucksQueen · 01/04/2022 20:37

Doh!... not even sure why I put horizontal.. its actually vertical!.. its a vertical scar :)

OP posts:
Futuroute · 01/04/2022 20:46

It might be that they want to avoid giving your mum an extra scar, or it might be that vertical will give them an easier angle for where they think the cyst might be attached. It's worth making a list of questions to ask prior to the procedure so you can both understand exactly what to expect.

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