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No periods?

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Mamas123 · 23/03/2022 21:54

So for about 2years I haven't had a period... I was on the combined pill and whenever I took a break each month I wouldn't get a period (I would have all the period pains just no period). Obviously I went to the doctors and I was sent for a scan down below (came back I had a fibroid but was told this wouldn't be the case for no periods) went back to doctors and they put me on the mini pill so no breaks so don't have the period pains but won't have periods either. I just wondered if anyone else has had this experience? I'm in my 30s so too early for menopause I'm told. I don't know wether to come off pill and see if I naturally have a period? It's rather annoying not knowing why I don't have periods and doctors just put me on mini pill to take away period pain. Any tests I should be asking for??

OP posts:
kagerou · 24/03/2022 20:09

If you come off the pill and they don't return you should have your hormone levels checked

Hbh17 · 24/03/2022 20:17

They can do further investigations. It is quite common - with me it was PCOS. No periods most of my 30s & 40s, which was really nice until they came back and continued for many, many years in my 50s!

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