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Bleeding between periods

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shannonhinton0421 · 28/02/2022 18:48

I'm 25, I had a baby 11 months ago. Since having my son my periods went completely back to normal about 5 months after I started losing a little blood between my periods, it's sometimes only when I wipe after a wee, sometimes there may be a little in my under wear.
There is never enough for me to have to wear a pad or anything.
At first I thought it was my body going back to normal after my baby but this has been happening now for about 6/7 months.
I have been the doctors they thought I might have pelvic inflammatory disease I was on anti biotics for 2 weeks but nothing seems to have changed.
My doctor has sent me for blood tests which I have Wednesday and she also referred me for an internal scan which I waiting for.
Does anyone know what this might be?

OP posts:
Pinkgin9 · 28/02/2022 21:01

It could be cervical erosion.
Hormone imbalance.

I've had allsorts of random things happen since having babies.

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