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Excessive hair loss 5 months postpartum?

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Nezuko · 27/02/2022 08:44

Hi, I'm a ftm to a 5 month old. I've been warned during my pregnancy that pp hairloss can last for 6 months for some women, my dc is only a couple of weeks away of turning 6 months old but my hair loss hasn't decreased (if anything, I've lost significantly more amounts of hair than ever) and it's making me worried. I used to have really thick hair before getting pregnant, my hair has become quite thin & sparse in comparison Sad I've had a pph (lost over 1l of blood) & was prescribed iron supplements to treat my anemia. I'm aware that iron deficiency plays a factor in hair loss but I did a blood test a few months ago and was told by the midwife that I could stop taking them. I would really appreciate hearing some advice on whether this normal or not, has anyone else had a similar experience to mine?

OP posts:
MRS54321 · 27/02/2022 08:50

It happens to most of us pal - hence the New Mum Hair Cut.
I’m currently in the mental “growing back “phase , where all the hair is growing up and out at the same mad length
I was literally bald at 5 months PP.
it’s looking better now, but most of us have to take the length up for a year or two

Silk pillow case, plait instead of bauble and okaplex3 to help what you’ve got left

dementedpixie · 27/02/2022 08:53

My hair loss didn't start right away and then lasted quite a few months. During pregnancy you lose less hair so you have 9 months of extra hair to get rid of.

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