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Would pushdoctor treat a bartholin abscess ?

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veevee04 · 26/02/2022 20:21

Had one of this before when I was 14 went away after antibiotics. It's come back and I'm due to start a new job on Tuesday it hurts to walk and lie down having to sit with my legs wide open so it's not painful. I'm wondering if pushdoctor would prescribe me some antibiotics tomorrow. I really don't want for the GP to open on Monday and probably not get an appointment . I don't want to waste money if they can't do anything.

OP posts:
JinglingHellsBells · 27/02/2022 13:39

Surely you need examining? Sometimes if it's bad it needs lancing, not just ABs.

Can you see your gp?

Conc1 · 27/02/2022 16:01

I dont know what a push GP is? But I had one of these for the first time just prior to the first lockdown. I self diagnosed on the Internet and phoned for gp appointment. They said only phone calls. A nurse called me back. Said yes that's what it sounded like and got me a prescription for antibiotics.
I thanked my lucky stars that I didn't need to go and be examined.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 27/02/2022 16:29

You'll be lucky to get an examination from your GP so yes I think Push Doctor is a good idea and they'll probably tell you if it gets worse you'll need to be seen in person .

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