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Kegels - what are your top tips

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YoBeaches · 22/02/2022 08:31

Hi all
I've had stress incontinence since giving birth 2 years ago. It seemed to get better in the first year probably as I was on maternity leave and did loads of exercise. But now it's back in force and a simple cough, a sneeze and I'm wet through. I'm fed up of wearing pads, and being caught without them :(, so need to make a change.

I'm getting back into my exercise routine now but i wondered if anyone had any top tips, and also any experience with the gadgets that you'd recommend? I've seen automatic ones and manual ones but not sure if they're really worth it or not.


OP posts:
InvalidCrumb · 22/02/2022 08:36

I don't know about gadgets but have you looked into MuTu? It's an online exercise programme that helps you get into safely exercising and using your core properly to restore function.

It's a mix of gentle pelvic floor type exercises progressing up to workouts as well.

FTMJ2020 · 23/02/2022 23:01

In a similar position. I'm on a waiting list for pelvic floor physiotherapy. Really hoping that will help. I've tried mutu as suggested by pp...I find it helpful, although so far not a solution. Have you seen a doctor about it?

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