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Cytolytic Vaginosis or Recurrent Thrush

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kittykat818 · 16/02/2022 15:31

Hi all. I have posted on here before about suffering from recurrent thrush for the last four years (ever since I lost my virginity and began having sex with my boyfriend). I have used long courses of fluconazole and this has controlled it but the thrush eventually always comes back and when it does I get it every single month until I go back on a long-term course. Yesterday I went to a specialist and he has now said I may have Cytolytic Vaginosis as he found a large number of Lactobacilli and damaged cells in my swabs. Usually, this kind of bacteria is considered good and fights off yeast, however, he thinks I may have too much and this has caused my issues. However, I am not convinced. I have always tested positive for thrush when I have symptoms and negatively when I have no symptoms, my boyfriend also tends to get Balanitis when we have sex while I have thrush symptoms but is fine if I don't have symptoms, however, the specialist completely disregarded this. I think I have these high levels of Lactobacilli because I have been taking a large number of probiotics recently to combat my thrush rather than this being the initial cause ( I only started regularly taking probiotics a few months ago). He has advised me to use a lubricant called pre-seed which makes the vagina less acidic and more of a basic PH, I am so scared about doing this as it is literally creating a breeding ground for the thrush to return. Most people who have cytolytic vaginosis do not test positive for thrush and I didn't at my appointment with him but this is because I didn't have symptoms then and I had recently treated my thrush. However, since this appt I have had a positive thrush result from my local STI clinic when I actually did have symptoms. I feel the doctor has completely ignored my thrush issue and has left me feeling extremely overwhelmed and confused. What is worse is that he has said my next appointment will be in 6 months, I have already been suffering from thrush every month since October and I don't know if I can do another 6!

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