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Labia tear repair

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Jesstoimpress · 10/02/2022 06:32

Hi, I have a labia tear from giving birth to my DD 15 years ago. It never causes me any issues really but, now divorced and thinking of getting back out there, I'd feel more confident if it was fixed.
Has anyone had a couple of stitches to sort something like this years after?
Any ideas of how much I'm likely to pay and recovery time? Thanks.

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Bluebuddha10 · 11/02/2022 18:26

This happened to me, wasn' t picked up by midwives until too late - it had already started healing and I was left with a hole.
but I had it fixed about 18 months after I'd given birth.
It was fine, general anaesthetic but just a day appointment , no overnight stay. Sore for few days but nothing major. Really glad I had it done.

Jesstoimpress · 22/02/2022 19:33

Thank you for this response BluebuddhaSmile

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