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MooChops89 · 04/02/2022 21:01

Has anyone ever had a rectocele? I'm starting to think I might have one, when I get chance I'll make a GP appointment but in the meantime I'm wondering about others' experiences.

I'm 32, overweight (BMI about 35) and have 2 children, both born via CS with hardly any labour, not particularly huge birth weights, both around the 75th centile I think.

In the last few weeks I've noticed I'm occasionally having trouble opening my bowels to the point I sometimes need to (TMI) put my finger inside my vagina to push it out. It sometimes feels like the stool is sitting in my perineum if that makes sense, like I've got an extra "pouch" past my bum where it gets stuck?
Since I've noticed this it occurred to me that I've had some discomfort during sex, everything feels "lower" in there and I also often have vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement. My cervix also feels a bit like it's pressing into my back passage as well.

So all a bit embarrassing really but has anyone else had anything like this?

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Mintlegs · 04/02/2022 21:06

Yes I would get it checked out but definitely make sure you are doing pelvic exercises. They helped me immensely

JessicaPeach · 04/02/2022 21:47

Yes I have one caused by a difficult birth nearly 8 years ago! Ask your gp for a referral to a womens physio and agree with previous poster that pelvic floor exercises will help.

IfIcouldturnbacktime217 · 04/02/2022 21:49

Watching for any advice on this!

I too have experienced what you describe of feeling you have to push it out and feeling as though it's stuck in your perineum.

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