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Breast issues

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imamumgetmeoutofhere · 21/01/2022 19:48

I really don't know what to do, whether to see a doctor or to leave it and wait and see.

This is something I can't feel unless laying down - I've got some breast tissue that feels a bit "firmer" than the rest of my breast and there feels something almost like a grain of rice in size and texture amongst the thicker tissue.

Would this be a reason enough to have an urgent appointment?

I'm mid 30s if that makes a difference.

Thank you

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M0rT · 21/01/2022 19:56

Yes it would, I am not a doctor so it could be nothing or something but you need to make an appointment with a doctor so they can examine you. If you need to give a reason for your appointment then say change in breast tissue.
I have breast cancer and my changes weren't noticable till quite late so it had spread.
If it is cancer and caught early you may not even need chemo, so try not to worry too much but it's always best to get checked the quicker the better.

Iamanicepersonreally · 21/01/2022 19:59

I'd suggest calling the GP for an appointment. I've had breast cancer and I wish I'd gone to the doctor sooner

WhiskeyInTheJar33 · 21/01/2022 20:03

I've recently found a small hard pea sized lump. That I could only feel lying down. I'm also mid 30s. I went to my GP just to be on the safe side. I was seen in the breast clinic within 2 weeks, scanned and was given the all clear. Told it was fibrocystic changes which is apparently quite common.
Don't feel you are wasting anyones time. Best to get it checked!!

imamumgetmeoutofhere · 21/01/2022 21:14

Thankyou all. Will call them first thing Monday Smile

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