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Rash under breast

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spicydorito · 09/01/2022 00:12

I have a rash under my one breast that doesn't seem to be going away.

The doctors have given creams in the past and claimed it to be eczema.

It is really sore, red, sometimes it itches and slowly spreading.

OP posts:
SpeedReader · 09/01/2022 09:36

How long have you had it, if doctors have prescribed creams in the past? Is it in the skin on the underside of the breast or your chest wall?

If it is eczema - could it be heat/moisture related? I get red patches on-and-off in the breast area - in my case this is definitely caused by sweating during exercise. I've found a topical steroid is the best way to go, otherwise they linger on and on, because they get aggravated by showering, sweating, etc.

Isgooglebroken · 09/01/2022 09:37

Are you larger breasted? Our nurse often find it’s fungal & prescribe clotrimozole cream to clear it up but you can get it for a couple of quid in places like home bargains.

MaraScottie · 09/01/2022 09:38

Sounds like it could be shingles? That usually appears around the bra line on one side only. If it's painful to touch too then I'd put money on it being shingles!

JinglingHellsBells · 09/01/2022 15:38

Is it on your breast or under it?

It can be a fungal infection as PP said. One short term measure is to use talc to keep the area dry.

You need to see your GP and have it looked at, really.

sosonaskin · 10/01/2022 12:27

Hey @spicydorito,

I hope your well.

They way you are describing the rash, it sounds more like psoriasis then eczema. I would suggest going to a dermatologist and finding out what it is.

However I would suggest staying away from steroids or any topical treatment. These are short term solutions, but in the long run I would personally suggest using pure natural creams, body butters etc.

The flare could be caused from some thing new you have eaten, drank or even stress related. This weather does not help either.

I have had psoriasis since the age of 10, so I have gone through the steroid route.

I hope you find out what it is.

spicydorito · 10/01/2022 13:36

Thank you all I've had it for over a year so let's hope something works

OP posts:
emmathedilemma · 10/01/2022 14:43

It might be fungal, I had a similar sounding thing for ages that I think was originally caused by a sweaty heart rate monitor strap.

hemulensdress · 12/01/2022 19:26

Hi OP- I had something similar which spread down over my abdomen. Hydrocortisone cream didn’t help and eventually we worked out it was pityriasis rosea. My immune system was pretty low at the time and it eventually went away helped by lots of vitamins, rest and a healthy diet. I needed antihistamines for the itching though!

peachicetea · 14/01/2022 10:21

I had this!!!! You will need a skin antifunal cream . It spread so much . I think mine was called fucibet in the mean time get some coconut oil and use that x

Cratos · 23/01/2022 20:34

If the rash is on your breast, it might be a good idea to get it checked by a breast specialist.

crochetmonkey74 · 23/01/2022 20:43

Is it itchy OP ? It could be intertrigo, I use canesten af cream til it clears then keep under bra clean and dry , can use soft cotton strips (cut up flannel works well) to keep dry and clean until it clears. New bra every single day. Google and look at pics and see if it looks like what you have

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