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Vaginal burning....

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Chummy21 · 04/01/2022 14:38

Hi, so I feel ridiculous writing this.
I had my implant removed at end of September. At same time the nurse did a full sexual health screen and all came back clear with a healthy looking vagina.
The implant was removed with a view to having the coil fitted as I'd been bleeding every couple of weeks, my libido was nil and my mood was low.
Anyway, when I went on the day of fitting (November 24th) the doctor asked if I was sure I wanted it fitted as she could see no reason I couldn't go back on the combined pill (I'd been told at 39 I was too heavy and too old!). So, I started on maexeni. My partner and me don't live together but have been together for 12 years. So sex has always been sporadic.

After starting on the pill we only had sex twice before I caught covid. We didn't see each other while I was poorly so sex wasn't an issue. I was 2 days after recovery when we were last intimate (21st dec) It was soooooooo painful. My pelvis felt tender and inside my vagina was burning. The pelvic pain went straight away but the burning....
This lasted a couple days to the point I contacted the gp incase I had a UTI. I was given a 3 day course of Trimethoprim but, as it turned out my urine was clear.

Fast forward to last night (3rd jan) and because I'm feeling a little anxious and intimacy I decided to masturbate in order to error.... get the juices flowing. I didn't penetrate myself. Just kept it to the clitoris. After orgasming the burning started again. I'm sitting here now wondering what it could be.

I am drier than I've ever been and wondering if it's connected to the pill or is this one of those covid related things?? Or am I entering menopause?? I've tried to have a look 😳 but couldn't see anything.
I did pop lubricant up there earlier to try extinguish my burning fanny.

I do have a phone appointment later with the GU nurse as my health anxiety is through the roof.

Sorry for rambling but wondering if anyone has had anything similar. Thank you

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Chummy21 · 04/01/2022 14:39

Just to add it seems to just be when I've orgasmed. I have no discharge, no odor and no unusual bleeding Smile

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JinglingHellsBells · 04/01/2022 16:06

You are still quite young for it to be peri menopause but it's not impossible. Do you know how old your mum was when she was menopausal?

If you feel dry and sex is painful it all does point to vaginal dryness. There is no 'test' for this, it's a case of using prescribed products and if they work, then that's what you needed :)

I'd see or talk to your GP and ask for Ovestin (an estrogen cream ) or Vagifem (an estrogen pessary) and meanwhile have a google as there is masses online about this condition.

Chummy21 · 04/01/2022 17:51

@JinglingHellsBells thanks for replying. I spoke to the GU nurse. She basically told me if I think it's the pill - then stop it. But because it contains oestrogen she can't see it being that Hmm She also told me to "ride it out" and use lube.

All good advice but it doesn't help with the dread of having sex! I'll have a look at your recommendations and probably ask for them in a few weeks if it doesn't resolve.

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Lovelymincepies · 04/01/2022 17:58

Well I think she could have advised to have some swabs done in case it's an infection, look to see if its lichen sclerosis etc.

JinglingHellsBells · 04/01/2022 18:06

If you want to learn more there is a great book out written by an 'ordinary woman' who used to post on another menopause forum.
'My menopausal vagina' by Jane Lewis.
On Amazon.

It's stocked in some GP practices for women and GPs to read and she's won an award for it.

Chummy21 · 04/01/2022 18:12

@Lovelymincepies just googled lichen sclerosis and it sounds awful. None of my symptoms match the ones listed but I will be hyper aware now.

She just said my reasoning was coincidental and that I should wait a little longer. I've been left feeling like she's poo-pooed my concerns and a bit like I've wasted her time.

I will see how it goes in the next week. And will probably go to see my own GP. I just thought the GU clinic would offer more solutions and be more proactive

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Normalsnormal · 10/01/2022 12:49

At 59 and now struggle with libido and penetration.
Will this last forever?

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