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Mirena Coil - Anxiety?

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an0n23611 · 30/12/2021 12:34

I'm 24, suffer from anxiety in general and had the Jaydess coil from September 2017 - 2020. I had the Mirena Coil/IUS fitted in September 2020 and since then I have felt like my anxiety has got worse and generally have no motivation. I never feel happy or sad, just this general mid range of anxiety/numbness (if that makes sense?) Sad

Has anyone found the same with the Mirena?
Can anyone recommend any other form of contraception that seems to be better? Ideally I'd like to avoid another IUD/IUS device as the procedure is really uncomfortable.

OP posts:
Milomonster · 01/01/2022 20:01

My hormonal-related anxiety lessened after the Mirena.

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