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Sickness while taking Cerazette mini pill?

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Namirya · 23/12/2021 08:58

Four days ago, I woke up feeling a bit icky and was sick several times during the day. Didn't bother taking another mini pill as I was vomiting quite frequently.

Three days ago, DH and I had unprotected sex. I know that in theory we should have used protection, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if we had another DC. Also at almost 38, I thought "what are the odds".

Yesterday, I was sick again, and also had rather gruesome diarrhea (sorry if tmi - gastro bug combined with Moderna booster side effects, yay me). So now I am starting to wonder, am I actually in trouble?

I have been on the combined pill before getting pregnant with DD and never had any problems or missed one. Because of my age and blood clot issues, I started the Cerazette mini pill and month and a half ago. Haven't had much luck so far - I have been bleeding constantly and now this mega sickness.

Has anyone missed the occasional Cerazette pill due to sickness and been OK?

OP posts:
Harpydragon · 28/12/2021 21:03

With cerezette you are protected after 2 days, you should be ok.

Harpydragon · 28/12/2021 21:06
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