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Painful sex! Feel like doctors aren't listening to me:(

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casey19 · 25/11/2021 08:43

Hello just looking for some advice, and to see if anyone has been in the same situation and got a diagnosis. Im currently 20 weeks pregnant but all the problems im going to be explaining came to surface about 12 weeks before I got my positive pregnancy test. It started with lower abdominal pain that I got all month long it would come and go I didn't think anything of it as my period kind of started to be few days late / few days earlier months prior so I thought it was my body going back to normal, but then painful sex started so I thought I better go to doctors and got treated for thrush symptoms didn't seem to get much better still experiencing painful sex and lower abdominal cramping. Fell pregnant and I kind of forgot about it all as i was focused on being pregnant but symptoms got worse and I took myself back to doc she did pelvic exam and swabs she said walls of my vagina look good and no sign of any abnormal growths but did say my cervix was inflamed mu swabs came back clear so no thrush and no STI ( which I already knew) but doctor is saying not a lot they can test me for as I am pregnant but assured me not to worry as she didn't think it was anything serious but I can't help but think to myself that's not very reassuring. they are putting it down to pregnancy but I've told them several times that I was experiencing all this 12 weeks prior to my pregnancy, I think they just think because I'm young and that my scan at 12 weeks showed nothing wrong with baby that all is okay, but this is really getting me down and I affecting my relationship with my partner ( he is so supportive and understanding) but I can't help feel sorry for him😞

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 25/11/2021 16:29

Deep pain during sex can be indicative of endometriosis and I would be looking to obtain a referral to a gynaecologist after you have given birth.

VioletRose91 · 04/12/2021 01:16

Go to a family planning clinic, they are much more thorough with swabs then a general gp, have you had any abnormal discharge ect?

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