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Smear, Biopsy and a blow torch

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BurningPants · 07/11/2021 10:06

Hello all!

Bit of a TMI post but as the title suggests I've had quite the experience!

On Friday I had a smear, cervical biopsy and what I can only describe as a blow torch to seal some raw skin that was bleeding (I'm sure there's a medical name for it)

It's only been 2 days so I'm hesitant to phone the doctor but basically from then I've had "water" come away...happens throughout the day in small amounts but I notice it more when I've layed down for any period of soon as I stand up it comes away.

Last night I got up to use the toilet and as soon as I stood up it poured down my leg..same feeling as when my waters came away with my first child!

Anyone else had a similar experience?
I was expecting a little blood but not clear fluid!
Does this sound normal?

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BurningPants · 07/11/2021 13:59



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Tailendofsummer · 07/11/2021 14:07

I don't have your answer, but I would certainly be calling someone for some reassurance - if you think it's ok to wait till tomorrow, or if not whatever out of hours service operates in your area. Did they give you any indication of what the after effects might be like? Might be perfectly normal but does sound very disconcerting Flowers

BurningPants · 07/11/2021 14:15

The consultant just mentioned I might bleed for the next few days but I stopped bleeding a few hours after the appointment, never mentioned anything about fluid so I thought it was strange!

Hoping someone had the same, I don't want to phone the doctors and seem stupid 🙈

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Tailendofsummer · 07/11/2021 16:19

Look if there's something weird happening after a medical procedure it's never stupid to ask for further info about it. If this is a standard thing to expect they should have bloody well told you about it!!

BurningPants · 07/11/2021 16:28

Oh you'd be surprised with my local doctor's, I've actually heard my own Dr say that all patients are time wasters!

I'll leave it a few days and see what happens, bit of luck it stops lol

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