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Is this normal - Breastfeeding & periods

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HappyFeet2021 · 05/11/2021 19:14

Hi Mumsnetters Smile,

Before speaking to my GP about this issue I wanted to see if anyone else may have had a similar experience with really frequent periods after finishing / reducing breastfeeding...

10 months postpartum and my first period came around 8 months (once breastfeeding had reduced to once a day). Since then, I have been bleeding every 11-14 days and for a week each time! Due to PCOS, prior to pregnancy I did not have regular periods, they were every 3 months plus. I only conceived after fertility treatment so this is the complete opposite of what my cycle was like before!

I am not overly worried as I put it down to hormone changes, especially as I am breastfeeding still I understand my body might be a bit confused! It is more of a nuisance, especially as frequent use of sanitary products irritates me Blush. Should I get a GPs opinion?


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