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Whathefisgoingon · 01/11/2021 09:59

I’ve been experiencing excessive discharge for about a year now. Not every single day but most days, and some worse than others.

When I say excessive, it’s not a huge amount but it’s more than I ever experienced pre baby. It all started about 6-7 months post partum.

It is always watery/white and there is no smell. Not to be crude, but I can sometimes feel it coming out!

In the last year I have experienced 2 occasions of BV and one thrush (new Lenor “outdoorsable” on underwear, a mistake never to be made again!)

Last time I self diagnosed BV and as I’d had it before, the GP was happy to prescribe that metro stuff which cleared it right up... for a week, until my period; then the discharge started again.

I went back last week for swabs and they have come back clear of everything. No std’s, no BV and no thrush. The nurse when examining me did say it looked a bit “thrush like” but the last nurse had said the exact same thing and the swabs came back normal then too.

I have had a smear this year (normal) and, at my request, an abdominal ultrasound which showed no issues with my ovaries etc.

The GP says it’s “physiological” and some women just produce more than others. I never had this problem before baby!

Anyone else dealing with anything like this? Pre baby my discharge wasn’t even noticeable at the end of the day - I am not used to this!

I don’t know if it’s crazy to think but.. I didn’t do any pelvic floor exercises at all post partum, could it be that things are just.... weaker?

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VioletRose91 · 03/11/2021 01:27

Could be hormone related? X

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