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Suddenly leaking urine at 41, I feel so sad

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SquarePeggyLeggy · 23/10/2021 00:01

Has anyone experienced this?

I have a pretty bad uterine prolapse, forceps birth at age 30. I’ve gone on to have two more children and been able to hold my urine. Some stress incontinence like when sneezing or working out, but only a drop.
In the last couple of weeks, Im leaking when I stand up in the morning to the point of dripping down my legs. I wear period pants all day so I don’t know about the day time, it’s not enough to soak period pants. It does seem to happen in the evening.
Im scared to have sex in case I wee.
I am having hot flashes. What kind of Dr can I see? The GP told me to do physio, but that didn’t work. My obstetrician wants to do a hysterectomy but I feel maybe a urologist should be involved?
Anyone have this problem and what did you do and please tell me it helped?!!

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SquarePeggyLeggy · 23/10/2021 00:03

*does NOT seem to happen in the evening, I wish we could just edit!

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MakingTheBestOfIt · 23/10/2021 00:07

I’m no expert, but I think hot flashes = low estrogen and low estrogen can be a cause of incontinence. I’m sure I’ve seen people on here recommend vaginal estrogen delivered via pessaries for this. That said, if you’re only 41 you’d probably need some sort of oral HRT for bone health too if your estrogen is low enough to give you hot flashes.

Hopefully someone who actually knows what they’re talking about will come along soon…

Hairyfriend · 23/10/2021 00:11

How many years have you put up with this???

A gynae/bladder physio 'may' help, but you might require an op. Your GP should be doing blood tests on our hormones to check for early menopause, but you also need specialist advise and assessment for your prolapse. This is a gynaecologist.

SquarePeggyLeggy · 23/10/2021 00:16

I have put up with it for 11 years. I wanted to have more children.
I have two mirenas also, which I thought might help with menopause symptoms.

OP posts:
SquarePeggyLeggy · 23/10/2021 10:06

Has anyone had repair surgery that worked? Was your vagina ok?

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 23/10/2021 10:23

You really do need to see a gynae about your bladder now causing urine flow down your legs. It may be for instance a prolapse. If finances allow I would pay for an initial consultation asap at your local private hospital. You need to be seen and soon because such problems do not go away of their own accord. Do not bury your head in the sand, get medical advice and treatment.

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