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Smear result - normal but come back in 6 months?

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Overloadedunappreciated · 20/10/2021 14:09

Hi all. I've finally had my recent smear test result and it says that it was normal but please make a repeat appointment in 6 months. I assume if the test was invalid it would have said that, so does anyone know why I'd be asked to come back so soon? Thanks!

OP posts:
Sidge · 20/10/2021 14:13

6 months is odd.

If you were HPV positive but no cell abnormalities it would suggest retest in 12 months (in England anyway, not sure about other countries)

fedup078 · 20/10/2021 15:53

I think an invalid test does have a 6 month recall but hopefully someone will be along who knows
But then it shouldn't say it was normal and it should say the reason why
Just give them a ring

Sidge · 20/10/2021 16:20

Usually an inadequate sample has a 3 month (12 week) interval to repeat.

fedup078 · 20/10/2021 17:03

Could be an admin error

Patbutchersarrow · 20/10/2021 17:12

The last time I had my smear I had to have it repeated due to it being inconclusive but the letter did state this and also said to book as soon as possible. I would call your gp it could be an admin error but it's better to check it out.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints · 20/10/2021 17:16

Odd, I'd call your GP/ or do an econsult if possible; you'd get a quicker response with my surgery by doing it that way as you can attach a picture of the letter, for clarification.

Overloadedunappreciated · 20/10/2021 17:40

Thanks everyone. I've called the surgery but no one is available to speak to me until Monday but the receptionist did confirm no abnormal cells and that it was not an "inadequate" result so will have to wait and see...

OP posts:
fedup078 · 30/10/2021 08:56

@Overloadedunappreciated did you get an answer?

Overloadedunappreciated · 31/10/2021 09:09

@fedup078 Yes I did thanks. Turns out I have HPV but no abnormal cells so they want to repeat the test sooner to see if its cleared up!

OP posts:
fedup078 · 31/10/2021 17:40

@Overloadedunappreciated ah ok
I have it too but was told 12 months

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