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Mirena - no wires to get out

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GoodnightGrandma · 20/10/2021 10:29

Put this on Menopause, but will probably get more response on here.
How do they get a coil out when the strings aren’t there ?
Is it going to be a general anaesthetic ?

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 20/10/2021 10:32

Mine was removed under general anaesthetic as I had a couple of failed attempts at getting it removed

GoodnightGrandma · 20/10/2021 21:38

Thanks. I’m really wishing I’d never had it put in. I was told by a friend that it was the best thing since sliced bread.

OP posts:
CimCardashian · 23/10/2021 00:36

The strings can curl up and then you can feel them. But the Dr maybe able to find them.

GoodnightGrandma · 23/10/2021 07:33

The GP couldn’t.

OP posts:
Mvshrln · 26/10/2021 15:35

This happened to me - had multiple doctors have a rummage round there to try and find it! They did an ultrasound to locate the coil, and also found an ovarian cyst, and then as I needed a womb biopsy I had that done under GA the same time that they removed the coil. All a tad dramatic but ultimately everything was fine and sorted out. I was also told how amazing the coil was but I found it awful! Still, you live and learn, and going under GA to have it removed can be very normal. In fact when I was waiting in the ward there were a few women there who were having GA to have the coil fitted!

PenOrPencil · 29/10/2021 12:57

I had this. Had to have an ultrasound to confirm the coil was still there, then a hysteroscopy (camera) to locate it. Was a right faff and the hysteroscopy and removal were quite uncomfortable.
I still made an appointment to have coil no. 4 fitted, the pros for me outweigh the cons.

ZombeaArthur · 29/10/2021 13:00

I had to have mine removed under GA as the strings were too short. It took numerous appointments (a number of assessments and a TV scan) and about four months in total but the removal was ultimately really simple. I’ve since had another inserted as, for me, it’s by far the best birth control I’ve ever used.

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