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post op recovery?

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onethingandonethingonly · 25/09/2021 18:51

I had a hysterectomy(abdominal) in mid June and was told afterwards that there has been significant blood loss - no transfusion though, but I was put on iron meds (initially 2x ferrous sulfate then up to 3x a day).
I was wondering what counts as 'significant' blood loss but not enough to transfuse, and also when iron levels might be expected to be normal? Does it depend on pre-op levels? I was always borderline anaemic because of heavy periods.
Asking because I still don't feel back to my pre-op levels of energy (even factoring in anaemia)

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onethingandonethingonly · 25/09/2021 18:56

I've asked to have my iron levels checked

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