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Failed biopsy and mass in uterus

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Celestiasprincess · 18/09/2021 21:01

I’ve posted this in general health as well

I had a biopsy recently after I was taken into hospital with heavy unexplained flooding. It was bad I nearly had to have a blood transfusion and I’m anaemic. I’ve been discharged from hospital but when I was there they did a scan and found a biggish mass in my womb. They’ve done a biopsy to check for cancer but I found out during a call with my GP yesterday that they’ve now analysed it and all they got in the sample was blood. They did the biopsy blind I.e, no camera or scanner was used at the same time and I was warned that this might happen and that if it did they would repeat it but via hysteroscopy which uses a camera.

Has anyone else had this happen and if so how long did you have to wait? The doc told me he was sending my sample off as urgent. I’m just thinking if there is something nasty in there then I don’t want to leave it too long. I have a young family I want to be around for etc.

I looked into going private for hysteroscopy (without general anaesthesia) and was shocked to see it priced around £1600 plus £200 consultants fee. This isn’t something I can afford.

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JinglingHellsBells · 19/09/2021 08:46

The likelihood is it's something like a fibroid. Uterine cancer is very rare in women under 50 and doesn't usually start with flooding.

I am sure this has been thought of, but you couldn't be pregnant or miscarried?

Normally, the wait for investigation you need is two weeks.

cloudjumper · 19/09/2021 17:50

I also think that more likely it's a fibroid. Did they not offer/discuss getting a CT or MRI scan, instead of a biopsy? They found a mass in my abdomen last year, and I got both, turns out it was a massive fibroid.

Celestiasprincess · 19/09/2021 21:50

Thank you for the replies. I don’t think I was pregnant. I had a coil fitted which came out with all the bleeding. I also took 2 pregnancy tests and they came back negative. I was told that if the biopsy didn’t provide a sample for analysis I will probably have to go back in for a hysteroscopy. They didn’t mention a ct or mri scan. I’m hoping I will get a letter soon confirming what the GP told me but also really hoping that the letter will outline what they plan to do next. Really hoping it is a fibroid.

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