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Due period today but something strange happened

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Jellypot · 17/09/2021 23:01

My period was 8 days late last cycle. It came and there was nothing unusual about the period.

Yesterday was day 28. So if the cycle was going to bounce back to normal 28 days, the period would be today. I was anticipating the period for today but I thought maybe it might be late too. Like last month.

I went to the toilet today and when I wiped there was some blood. The tissue was definitely stained. Sometimes I usually do stain the tissue before my period arrives.

This was so much more than a light staining though. I really thought this was the period arriving. I went to the toilet tonight and the flow is not there. The flow has stopped.

It kind of nearly like some heavy spotting or something. I never spotted before though.

There was definitely a bleed earlier on and now it's stopped.

Has anyone here had this happen to them before? Or am I anxious over nothing? Will I wait til tomorrow to see if a flow happens over night?

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