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would you buy iron tablets without a blood test

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MrsLargeEmbodied · 29/08/2021 07:12

dd, aged 24, is abroad and has asked

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User56439876 · 29/08/2021 07:23

I take a multivitamin and iron tablet but I have a history of borderline anaemia. I think these are quite low anyway just recommended daily amount, I wouldn't take high dose though.

banisher · 29/08/2021 07:24

I worry about my iron levels but don't want a blood test. I take a daily Spatone and add spinach every evening to my vegetables. (I get the frozen stuff and it lasts ages.)

MrsLargeEmbodied · 29/08/2021 07:26

thank you

OP posts:
WarriorN · 29/08/2021 07:30

Depends on the strength.

Abroad you can often buy medicines that are prescribed here. I forgot half my thyroxine tablets when on a long hol in Brazil; easily bought over the counter.

If a multivitamin strength, the rda, I doubt it will be an issue. A lot of things can block absorption of iron, especially caffeine and dairy.

The reason medics warn of this is that there's a relatively rare condition called heamachromatosis which causes easy iron overload (a genetic tweak from an age when iron was hard to find in some community somewhere.)

If there's no one in the family with thing condition, it's highly unlikely she has it and will be fine. But I'd get a ferritin test when she can.

(My aunt has it, dad is a carrier but my iron drops easily if I don't take spatone carefully as I like my milky tea breaks!)

WarriorN · 29/08/2021 07:32

If it's high level prescribed iron tablets, they are known to cause ibs which in me caused more low iron problems.

Spatone has been the only effective iron for me!

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