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How long for smear result?

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Rockbird · 21/08/2021 12:54

Had mine just over a month ago, was told results would be back within the week but not to worry if it was slightly longer. But I still haven't heard anything and while I wasn't worried about it especially, I am getting more worried.

I'm thinking that if there was anything sinister they would have contacted me sooner rather than later though?

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JumperooSue · 24/08/2021 17:47

Have you heard yet Op?

I had mine just over four weeks ago and not heard yet, the nurse did say it could be delayed due to the Covid backlog, my friend had one in may and her results were back in 8 days!

Lulu1919 · 24/08/2021 18:11

Mine was in May this year and took 6 days to get letter saying negative

WhatLiesAhead · 24/08/2021 19:55

I had mine a week or so ago. The nurse said results should be back in a fortnight but give it 4 and if I still hadn't heard to ring the surgery.

Rockbird · 25/08/2021 02:43

I will call them today. Got back from holiday last night hoping for a letter but nothing. Have been checking my patient access app while I was away, they usually update that straight away. Thanks all.

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Thesearmsofmine · 25/08/2021 10:20

Mine took 8 weeks to come back. I had it in May and results were in July.

JumperooSue · 25/08/2021 12:17

I think I’ll give it another week or so then ring, my last smear 3 years ago they results took nearly 8 weeks! I was just hoping this time they may be back as quickly as my friends back in May but oh well😂

Rockbird · 26/08/2021 15:01

Well I messaged the surgery on Tuesday and got this reply this morning;

your smear was normal

That's it. No hello, kiss my arse, nothing. So yay for normal smear result but boo for not very polite reply. Hope everyone else hears soon.

OP posts:
WhatLiesAhead · 26/08/2021 17:23

Rockbird well that was short and sweet! But glad it was negative.

I got my letter today. Negative too 👍

JumperooSue · 26/08/2021 17:52

You inspired me to call, also normal🙌🏻

I wonder if a bunch of letters are lost somewhere in the post😂

Rockbird · 26/08/2021 19:22

Excellent! Are we the only ones waiting on this thread. Hurrah for normals!

Definitely there is a postal sack somewhere with a load of smear results Grin

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