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Inflamed gum! Ouch!

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november90 · 14/08/2021 21:58

2 nights ago I got some food lodged right between 2 teeth and it took awhile to get it out. Since then the gym has been quite tender and is swollen tonight :( Any tips to reduce the swelling/avoid infection?
Ive brushed and used salt water and gonna have some ibuprofen. Is there a specific mouth wash I should try?

Thank you!

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TigersandTeddybears · 14/08/2021 22:02

Are you sure you got it out? What did you use to get it out? I would try using an interdental brush to make sure it's really clean. If you do this really gently if it's sore. Some sensitive toothpaste, too, to reduce sensitivity in the area or you could try some bonjela. Sometimes it's just a bit bruised or sore, but because it hurts we are hyper aware of it and can't leave it alone to heal. If this is the case then numbing it is the best course. However, if it doesn't get better it may be an infection and that would need antibiotics so monitor it as well

NiceTwin · 14/08/2021 22:02

Corsodyl mouthwash as it has chlorohexidine (my spelling may be off) in it.

november90 · 14/08/2021 22:11

I used some floss on a string, I'm pretty sure it came out but I have been prodding the area with my tongue and can't seem to stop myself! I just feel SO aware of it! I might use some to my sons teething granuals 🙈😂
But thank you both for the replies, I think I'll get some of the mouthwash tomorrow but I am breast feeding so not sure what I can have!

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