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Heavy bleeding 15 days before period was due, now my copper coil has fell out!

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Emz2019 · 05/08/2021 05:07

I posted a couple of days ago saying I came on my period 15 days early, I assume it’s a period but I’m not sure, people said after the Covid jab early periods are common, this period came out of nowhere and began with just heavy bleeding unlike my periods which start with a couple of days of spotting before hand, anyways I called my gp for a chat about it and she said not to worry unless I get any server pain, and is there any chance I’m pregnant? I said well no I have the coil in! It’s been in 2 years 7 months and not caused any issues, she said not to worry then unless this becomes a regular thing but she wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Covid jab as the amount of bizarre phone calls she’s experiencing about people’s symptoms after the jab are things she’s never came across before! So last night my coil strings were pretty much sticking out of me, within an hour of that my coil came out completely! It was 10pm so I couldn’t call my gp, and I perhaps plan too first thing at 8:30am but it’s not only 5am, however I’m awake as I have an awful pain in my groin area, been having an ache there for about 4 weeks since just before my proper period started, I thought perhaps I had ovulated from that side and maybe had a small cyst there whihc would resolve once my period arrived (it has happened once before) but this time the minor ache stayed almost where my appendix’s sit, now the pain is there, I’m bleeding fairly heavy but nothing major, and the pain is all down into my thigh! I don’t think Iv pulled a muscle I haven’t done anything to pull one lol, what could this be? Why might my coil randomly come tumbling out after 2.5 years of no issues? I’m so confused!

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