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Hysterectomy for fibroid post-menopause

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DrNo007 · 22/07/2021 20:25

Posted this first in General Health but no traffic, so trying again in Women's Heath.

A hysterectomy for fibroid post-menopause is on the cards for me. It's a matter of choice--gynaecologist has given me the option of doing nothing. If I go for the hysterectomy, he could possibly leave the cervix in if the fibroid placement allows.

If you've opted for hysterectomy for fibroid post-menopause, do you regret it and if so, why? And if you're glad you did it and don't have regrets, please say so too. Or any views between the two!

A bit more info--I have no pain but am bothered by pressure exerted by the fibroid on the bladder, which forces me to get up to pee sometimes more than once in the night. This in turn interferes with sleep. Gynae says just removing the fibroid and leaving the uterus in is not an option as it is a more complicated op with potentially further complications down the line.

OP posts:
BG2015 · 25/07/2021 08:54

I had a hysterectomy for fibroids in 2017, I was 48.

I was constantly bleeding so it was a no brainier for me.

I had it via key hole. The first 7 days were tricky but after that I just got better and better. I drove after 4 weeks and was back at work after 6 weeks.

I'd do it again. Best thing I've ever done

pilates · 25/07/2021 09:11

I had it done early 40’s, large fibroids, very heavy bleeding, anemia and adenomyosis. In the end, it was the only solution and I have no regrets.

DrNo007 · 28/07/2021 09:12

Thanks ladies, I appreciate your inputs and they are reassuring.

OP posts:
mizu · 28/07/2021 09:33

Not for fibroids but had a full hysterectomy over 5 years ago now and it was the best thing I ever did!

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