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Please read! Missed appointments.

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livbethe · 17/07/2021 14:56

ADVICE please

Long story short I’ve missed quite a few hospital appointments last month due to having to isolate. I had to check for diabetes and had to rearrange the antenatal blood appointment like twice and then in the end she did it over email and confirmed I didn’t have it.

I missed one midwife appointment on the 16/6 due to isolating. Then I had a consultant appointment on the 10/06 but was isolating so tried to rearrange that but got nowhere so left a voicemail. They rebooked then cancelled then rebooked but I never got the letter but it looks like I’ve just bloody not attended.

Then I had to change GP which meant I changed area so rang the new midwives and it goes to a voicemail so left them two like 3 weeks ago and nobody got back to me. So I rang them on Monday and they offered me an appointment yesterday but obviously couldn’t go because of Ed so I rang them to cancel and got voicemail and explained why, left my name and number etc. Then missed a phone call about 2 hours later from a midwife saying I hadn’t attended and they’d booked me in for next Tuesday. Rang them back, voicemail again.

Im freaking out and probably being dramatic that they are going to like get social services involved and take baby away (I know how dramatic that sounds).

So last time I was seen I was 28+5 and I’m now 36. So I’ve missed 31 week app and 34 week app but nobody has been in touch. Basically lots of confusion with appointments, rearrangements and having to leave voicemails all over the place.

I also tested positive for Covid today and rang to let the MAU know. They have said I don’t need to inject and just to take vitamin D. I had a midwife appointment with the new midwife booked in for this coming Tuesday so rang the hospital and they have changed it to a telephone appointment.

I’m worried because by the time I can be seen in person will be 37 and a half weeks. I’m worried they will think I’ve been neglecting care.

Any advice?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 17/07/2021 20:02

No, it’s a series of unfortunate events but your not actively avoiding care & if it wasn’t for Covid you wouldn’t have missed appointments.

It’s just one of those things rather than actively avoiding care. If you’d not told anyone you were pg and then turned up in labour that wouldn’t look great.

Explain everything at your telephone appt.

CanIHaveAHolidayPlease · 18/07/2021 12:23

As pp said, it's just a series of unfortunate events!
I wouldn't worry about SS at all. Even if they did investigate, I'm sure common sense would prevail. It's 2 missed appointments. it's not your fault!

Hope you're ok.

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