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Anxiety about polyp

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Rm77 · 13/07/2021 13:00

Hi ! I am 44 and have heavy periods and recently started spotting/ bleeding around mid cycle. TV ultrasound found a polyp. Those of you who had polyps, what were your symptoms? I can deal with the heavy periods but it s the mid cycle bleeding that s worrying me most. I am always anxious, especially about health issues, so my anxiety is through the roof at the moment! Thank you for reading this !

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stirling · 17/07/2021 08:39

I had uterine polyps around the same age as you. My bleeding was horrendous and I was flooding. I had mid cycle periods not spotting, so basically a lighter period in between the monthly floods.
It was awful. TV picked up polyps and within a month I had a very easy hysterectomy under general and removal of polyps.
Ive been fine since then.
They didn't grow back.
It'll be OK :)

MajesticWhine · 17/07/2021 08:57

I have multiple polyps and I am getting them removed. Have you been told a plan? I understand polyps are not usually dangerous but they should be removed and sent to the lab to ensure not precancerous.
I have also been told that a Mirena coil would help reduce them and prevent them.

caringcarer · 17/07/2021 09:12

My sister had them removed and very thankful as turned out one was cancerous. They are more often not cancerous though but can turn cancerous over time so should be removed.

Rm77 · 17/07/2021 10:11

@stirling , @MajesticWhine and @caringcarer , thanks a lot for replying !
@MajesticWhine, regarding a plan; so far I have seen my gp who has an interest in female health and does ultrasounds as well. She sent me for a blood test to check iron levels ( a bit low) and did a tv ultrasound and a smear test. When I get the results of the smear test, I will speak to my gynae to have the polyp removed privately. I am not in the UK, so maybe in the UK, it s a bit different.

OP posts:
caringcarer · 17/07/2021 11:13

Good you can afford to have it done privately as you will get it done quicker and speed is important.

Fluffycloudland77 · 17/07/2021 20:13

I had polyps, I’ve got a cervical one now I can feel when I’m positioning my menstrual cup.

My uterine one was quite big compared to other women but they removed it under GA and my last TV showed no more polyps despite mid cycle bleeding.

At our age periods go a bit odd and it does freak you out but if there’s no polyp & gynae are happy it’s not cancer we have to live with it.

I’m still getting bloody discharge on day 8 of my cycle 🤷🏻‍♀️ But everything’s normal.

If you take iron do it just before bed, it needs an empty stomach and no recent tea or coffee consumption.

Rm77 · 19/07/2021 19:40

@caringcarer and @Fluffycloudland77 thank you for your replies !
@Fluffycloudland77 thanks for the tip about iron pills as I was doing it the wrong way round.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 19/07/2021 19:43

It’s a very, very common error. I’ve done it myself.

Rm77 · 19/07/2021 19:58

@Fluffycloudland77 the doctor just said don't take them with milk and I know it's a good idea to take them with orange.

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