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Bleeding after coil insertion

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Livinginanightmare · 06/07/2021 16:54

I had a copper coil fitted Saturday morning by the FPC despite all the scaremongering news it was a really painless experience. I stopped taking the mini pill straight away so last one Friday.

I was told to expect spotting which I did have sat and Sunday and then Monday- all hell broke loose with a massively heavy period which is ongoing. I haven’t had any pain so I have assumed it’s withdrawal bleed from the mini pill but wasn’t expecting things quite so heavy immediately! Obviously I can’t use tampons or a cup just yet so just towels.

Also, the strings feel really low- I could grab on to them like like tampon strings which obviously means they are too long, they’re still in place despite this heavy flow, I’m going back in three weeks for a check and will ask for a trim Grin but does everything sound normal? I haven’t got any cramps or pain at all.

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