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Medical menopause

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Hill1991 · 24/06/2021 07:53

Does anyone have any experience with being but medically into menopause as im going to be put into menopause in the next month due to prolonged heavy bleeding and excessive large clots.

I'm just wondering what I need to be looking forward to and if anyone has any tips to relive the symptoms

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Topseyt · 24/06/2021 10:24

I am 54 and in the same position. Very heavy flooding periods, lots of clots, mirena coil didn't work and made things much worse.

I've now been put on a six month course of Zoladex injections to try and shut down my ovaries and medically put me into menopause.

It is a tiny implant that is injected under the skin of your abdomen every 28 days.

I've just had my second dose a couple of days ago. So far I have been bleeding every day in variable amounts for over three weeks now.

That seems to be me all over though. My ovaries seem very resistant to going into menopause, either naturally or medically induced. Zoladex is also supposed to help shrink my problematic fibroids as part of the process. Everything else has failed to do that so far though, so I have become a bit of a cynic and it seems an uphill slog.

Time will tell I suppose. Maybe you will be more responsive to treatment than me. Grin Good luck.

Hill1991 · 24/06/2021 11:17

Hopefully I'm only 30 but on blood thinners so that doesn't help the excessive bleeding.

Hopefully things get better for you its awful bleeding everyday you have my full sympathy

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