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Stage 4 endometriosis (TTC)

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Shams1993 · 20/06/2021 01:09

Hi guys!!

Just a bit of background about me. I'm 28 years old, married for 4 years and TTC for 2 years.

I started my period age 11 and I knew by age 14 that something wasn't right with my period. I flagged this with my GP multiple times from age 14-23 but was always told that it's "puberty and hormonal imbalance".

Age 23, my period pains progressed to the point I was unable to stand, walk, work or do basic things to help myself. I was shut down by my GP for "having a low pain tolerance" and was sent for multiple transvaginal scans which came back clear. After literally fighting with my GP, I managed to get referred to a endo specialist. Then, just my luck. COVID happened. Life was on a stand still and I had plenty of time to research endo. My research showed 50% of women have infertility. We were trying to conceive but having no luck.

Eventually in August 2020 I was called in for an appointment with the endo Dr and she agreed to place me on the waiting list.

I was in sooooo much pain in 2020 that I literally can't think about that year without getting emotional. FINALLY I got called to go in for my laparoscopy in Nov 2020 (12 months after my initial referral) and it turns out I have stage 4 rectovaginal endo. They said I have endo everywhere and this explains why I haven't been getting pregnant. I have multiple endometriomas and generally things don't look great down there.

They left my bowels untouched and would like to revisit this after I have had a child (if only it was that easy).

I started IVF today and I just want anyone out there that thinks they might have endo to know that scans do not mean anything. I had a vaginal scan 3 days before surgery and it came back clear... 3 days later I find out I have stage 4 endo.

Please remember that you know your body best and pls push for a diagnosis.

Anyone out there with endo struggling to conceive, my heart breaks for you. I know exactly what you're going through and I hope we both get our miracle rainbow babies one day!!

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