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Any advice for DD - 20 and her still terrible periods

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NaturalBlondeYeahRight · 12/06/2021 18:37

DD at end of tether- periods still all over the place (sometimes only 2 week gap) still getting spots on face and suffering pain (although that has got better in last few years) and started at 12 yr old so it’s been a long time.
She’s been on a couple of types of pill that have helped but have made her feel sick constantly so as she is single, she gave up.
She’s at uni at the moment and due to come home for summer and I said I’d try to help her get it sorted. Drs don’t really take it very seriously but it’s affecting her life now.
Should she try more types of pill? Something else? Should I pay for a gynaecologist? Any suggestions welcome at all- I really feel for her now.

OP posts:
Fyredraca · 12/06/2021 18:49

She needs to see a gynaecologist if it's not improving.

Teaandbi5cuit5 · 12/06/2021 18:57

This was me before I had my children.....I would literally pass out with the pain!!
Drs never took me seriously and I was often in trouble at work because I would take three days off every month due to my periods.
I was so desperate that I looked in holistic methods. I started consuming beetroot about three days before my period and I swear it lessened the pain! I still had discomfort but I could function.
I am aware that I sound like a crazy person Grin but I was desperate and found a solution!x

StrawberryPi · 12/06/2021 19:08

It might be worth trying a Mirena cool. Mine stopped my period entirely for the first few years and now they are back but much lighter and shorter than previously. They used to be horrendous but hardly bother me now!

NaturalBlondeYeahRight · 12/06/2021 19:19

I have a mirena, I think it’s great but don’t think it would work for her. Also they are reluctant to take them out if they don’t suit. Think I will have to find a gynaecologist- should she go through a GP first?

OP posts:
yikesanotherbooboo · 12/06/2021 23:46

What makes you think a mirena would my help? What are you hoping a gynaecologist will do?
Her options( apart from ibuprofen etc) are to change pills and regimes ie if oestrogen is making her feel sick but the pill overall is subduing her symptoms to try 20 mcg pill or maybe qlaira or similar. If the nausea is intolerable a progesterone only pill is worth a shot but irregular bleeding is the norm and can put people off particularly if her pain isn't well controlled. A mirena will definitely reduce the amount she is bleeding so should help her pain. Obviously it os a bit of a fuss to insert and takes a few months to settle but it won't have the issue of nausea that the combined pill has. A gynae is very likely to recommend trying one so imo giving it a go with your
gP makes sense and reduces waiting time.

colouringindoors · 12/06/2021 23:53

Sounds a bit random, but acupuncture. Made a huge difference to a friend of mine. Find a practitioner who specialises in female health and fertility.

AttilaTheMeerkat · 13/06/2021 12:01

She needs a diagnosis first and foremost and for that she will need to see a gynaecologist. GP should refer her to such a person. The causes of all this needs to be determined as well as treating the symptoms.

If she does not already do this, I would also suggest she keeps a daily pain and symptom diary noting everything like pain, spots etc. This will give the gynae clues.

AttilaTheMeerkat · 13/06/2021 12:05

Whatever she decides to do, she should not be fobbed off nor blithely put up with this. This warrants medical attention.

TaraR2020 · 13/06/2021 12:07


She needs to see a gynaecologist if it's not improving.

Yup push for a referral or go private
CruelAndUnusualParenting · 13/06/2021 12:21

As a bloke, I would say GPs are often useless with "lady's issues". Definitely get a proper gynaecologist involved. Get her assessed privately if you have to.

Topseyt · 13/06/2021 14:39

Go with her to the GP for moral support if she would like you to. Absolutely insist that she is referred to a gynaecologist.

Yes, they may well suggest trying the mirena coil, but surely she could really do with a proper diagnosis to check that she doesn't have anything like PCOS or endometriosis. That will be done by various means by a gynaecologist.

She at least needs an ultrasound scan.

AreYouCursed · 13/06/2021 14:43

She needs to see a gynaecologist who specialises in endometriosis. It does sound very like endometriosis, I'm afraid.
Ultrasound won't give a conclusive diagnosis either way - even severe disease can go unnoticed. The only conclusive diagnosis is via laparoscopy.

Don't assume her GP will know much about it at all. Don't even assume the gynaecologist will be good at dealing with it - you really need a specialist gynaecologist and not a generalist.

Good luck, hope she gets somewhere.
(hi Attila, hope you're well).

Elieza · 13/06/2021 14:58

If you can afford around £50 a treatment I would also recommend acupuncture. It’s proven to be good with “womens things”.

Nobody should feel ill on their period. If we do it’s because our hormones are unbalanced. Acupuncture can fix this with no side effects. It should be available free on the nhs but unfortunately the pharma companies don’t like it as they can profit from it so it doesn’t get used yet. One day it will. Shame it’s barely used now when it’s so good at so many things.

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