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Large clots normal?

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Hairyscarylibrarian · 05/06/2021 21:29

On day two of my period and I've spent half the day asleep (a topic for another thread) and woken up to quite a lot of jelly-consistency blood in the pad. Has anyone had this and if so is it fairly normal, do you think it's likely to be caused by being asleep so things built up? Although I've not had it after waking in the morning. Can't decide whether this is something to ask the GP about, I seem to have so many odd things wrong with me which they can never help with and probably seem like a hypochondriac, plus I hate dealing with anything gynaecological. Ridiculous I know. Does this need checking out?

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OodleLoodle · 14/06/2021 00:21

Hello, clotting is super common for me and I'm looped on with a gynae, who has said it's natural when you have heavy periods and it can "pool" if you've been sitting/lying down for a while.

That being said, if it's not normal for you then I would always go to the GP, as I think they advise you do for any noticeable change!

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