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Given AstraZeneca even though I'm 33

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elodieari · 04/06/2021 09:51

Has anyone under 40 been given the AstraZeneca by mistake? I'm 33 and they gave it to me without saying what it was.
I'm worried.

OP posts:
partyatthepalace · 04/06/2021 10:38

Try not to worry the risks really are tiny.

If you Google vaccines / blood clot symptoms, the govt page will come up with symptoms to look out for

toadstool32 · 04/06/2021 12:59

I'm 32 and had AZ before advice changed. No problems.

krazipan · 04/06/2021 13:05

Both me and my husband are under 40. We both had our first doses just before they changed the rules. My husband has had his 2nd with no problems and I'm due mine next week. I know everyone says it, but the risk is very tiny.

Twinmammaplusone · 04/06/2021 13:13

I’m 31 and had my first dose before the rules changed. Having second dose tomorrow. I don’t think there is much you can do now (at my appt they told me which brand I was getting, did they not tell you?), but the risks really are tiny.

CornishGem1975 · 04/06/2021 13:15

The risks are miniscule, relax. Plenty of under 40s have had AZ.

Melroses · 05/06/2021 18:10

Many of the under 40s in group 6 were given AZ. The risk is very low and is something that only came to light because of the huge numbers of people getting vaccinated.

Hellocatshome · 05/06/2021 18:11

Plenty of under 40s had AZ before the rules were changed.

WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo · 05/06/2021 18:13

I thought it was under 30s who weren't getting AZ now? I read something a couple of days before mine that implied it changed.

user1471462428 · 05/06/2021 18:14

Most health workers were given AZ before the risks were known. The vast majority of my friends are health workers and had AZ.

catfunk · 05/06/2021 18:17

Op do you fly or use oral contraception?

Bumzoo · 05/06/2021 18:21

DS is 19 and had both AZ. No issues at all.

nomorebabiesnow · 05/06/2021 18:32

Op do you fly or use oral contraception

I really hate this argument. Just because you've weighed up the risks and decided to go ahead with one low-risk activity, it doesn't mean you lose your right to ever avoid any other low-risk activity ever again. That's not how risk assessment works.

OP, as others have said, try not to worry. The chances you'll have an adverse reaction are tiny. That said, I'd be really annoyed! I thought you were only meant to be able to book appointments for pfizer or moderna if you're under 40 (that's what the NHS website said when I booked mine the other day).

nomorebabiesnow · 05/06/2021 18:34

I thought it was under 30s who weren't getting AZ now? I read something a couple of days before mine that implied it changed.

No it's under 40s (if you're in England - I don't know about elsewhere).

ButterflyBitch · 05/06/2021 18:37

I’m 39 and had the AZ. I had my jab the day after the rules changed and that’s all they had. They did tell us though and offered us the choice whether to have it or leave and rebook. You should definitely have been told beforehand so you had a choice. The risk is small so you will more than likely be fine.

WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo · 05/06/2021 18:40


I thought it was under 30s who weren't getting AZ now? I read something a couple of days before mine that implied it changed.

No it's under 40s (if you're in England - I don't know about elsewhere).

Maybe it went up to 40. Maybe it didn't change and I imagined it Grin
Monkeytennis97 · 05/06/2021 18:41

DS's girlfriend (21) has had both doses. No problems.

dementedma · 05/06/2021 18:44

19 year old DS has his second dose tomorrow

Sakura7 · 05/06/2021 18:46

They definitely should have told you beforehand OP, that's really bad. I would complain.

Having said that, the risk of you getting a clot is very very low, so don't panic but just be aware of the potential symptoms.

CharlotteRose90 · 05/06/2021 18:47

I’m 31 and had az . There’s plenty of people in their 20s that have had it still. It’s not been banned .

BoomChicka · 05/06/2021 18:48

That's surprising! When I went for mine there were posters everywhere to remind staff to check date of birth and give Pfizer instead.

Punxsutawney · 05/06/2021 18:53

Ds is 21 and had his second dose of AZ yesterday.
He had his first one before the rules changed.

Mulhollandmagoo · 05/06/2021 19:13

Me and my husband are 35 and we both had our first doeses before the rules changed so have had our second, we had no problems, the risks are really small and if you keep an eye out for any symptoms listed in the leaflet and get treatment quickly enough then you'll be absolutely fine, so please try not to worry Flowers

I think the official line is to offer under 40's something other than AZ but only if available. Whoever gave you your vaccine should definitely have told you first though, as that decision was yours to make


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Mammyloveswine · 06/06/2021 00:23

I'm 34 and had my second dose of AZ yesterday.. I've a history of DVT and pulmonary embolism but the doctor said the risks were so low compared to my risk of complications from Covid..if I wasn't happy to have my second dose they were going to look at other options but I took it gladly!

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